Within the framework of the Growing Up Equal project, Syndicate "Education" at ”Podkrepa” Confederation of Labor has conducted 15 teacher trainings in 15 different cities - Dobrich, Silistra, Dimitrovgrad, Pazardzhik, Ruse, Sliven, Troyan, Elena, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Veliko Tarnovo, Parvomai, Burgas, Varna, Targovishte and Yambol.

The trainings were conducted by Dr. Yulian Petrov - teacher training coordinator and Georgi Shoshev - expert trainer. A total of 343 pedagogical specialists took part in the training, of which 289 were women and 54 were men.


Participants in the trainings were introduced to the topics of Promoting Equality between Women and Men, Promoting Equality in the Classroom, School Policy Audits, Case Studies and Quizzes, Gender Exercises and actively participated in the discussion of the materials.

Feedback received from participants confirmed that they found the training and materials useful and would share them with their colleagues.

The "Growing up Equal" project is co-financed under the "Rights, Equality and Citizenship" Program of the European Union and is implemented by Syndicate "Education" Trade Union at ”Podkrepa” Confederation of Labor, in partnership with "Workshop for Civic Initiatives" Foundation.